School of Entertainment Class Information

Classes are designed to be modern, engaging, confidence building, create challenges and develop skill, whilst being inclusive, fun and friendly with a different performance focus at the end of each term.

We teach dance and song for the modern world and use pop culture & social media as an educational tool, We fuse traditional, modern & popular dance genres whilst using Top 40 upbeat music.

Classes are innovative and are designed to constantly evolve as we blend boundaries of dance & song genres to give you edgy, innovative performance based classes.

Hip Hop & Breaking

The style of Hip Hop Dance is constantly evolving, like the music it accompanies. Hip Hop Dance represents a cultural movement and its innovation across boundaries of fusion, dance genre, pop culture, theatre and fashion. Everything that embraces the creative, the spirited, and the young at heart is Hip Hop.

Movement Based Classes

Class NameAgePriceDayTime
TP Funky Jams5-8 yrs$60Tuesday3.30-4.00 pm
TP Funky Jams5-8 yrs$60Wednesday3.30-4.00 pm
TP Break – Level 27 yrs +$75Monday4.30-5.30 pm
TP Break – Level 1 Beginners7 yrs +$100Monday5.30-6.00 pm
TP Tricks/Acro – Level 1 & 2 – Stadium$60Wednesday3.30-4.15 pm

Performance Based Classes

Class NameAgePriceDayTime
TP Emerging8-10yrs$75Tuesday4.15-5.00 pm
TP Emerging9-12yrs$75
5.15-6.00 pm
TP Emerging8-12yrs$75Wednesday4.15-5.00 pm
TP Progressive9-12yrs$75Thursday3.45-4.30 pm
TP Progressive11-15 yrs$75Thursday4.45-5.30 pm
TP Evolve13 yrs +$100Wednesday5.15-6.15 pm

Crews & Troupes

Our purpose is to create a platform to launch our dancers forward and achieve their goals and dreams through dance. By audition or invitation you can aim to be part of one of our elite teams and complete at regional, national and international dance competitions.
TP KadetzJunior Division
Age 8-13yrs
TP MadamVarsityAge 13-18yrs
TP RecruitsMini Mega CrewAge 8-13yrs
TP Performance TroupeCommercial DanceAge 13-18yrs

Where to find us and Parking

Classes are held at the YMCA dance studio which is accessible from the Liardet Street Entrance.

There is plenty of parking however since other businesses use the car park please ensure you use carparks marked YMCA.

Enter building using the Main Stadium entrance and The Studio is located down the end of the corridor to your left, directly next to the stairs going to the second level.

More Information

Studio door will be open before and between classes if the door is closed then this means a class is in progress. Though we prefer that your child is always on time if you do arrive once class has started please enter quickly and quietly as not to disturbed the class. In the corridor are the Toilets which can be used to change in, though we do prefer that your child come dressed and prepared for class. It may sometimes be possible to watch a class depending on class numbers however please remember that it is a no talking no cell phone zone, you will be asked to step outside if you do not adhere to this rule. There is a couch area on the second level that parents can wait while there child is in class. We have only a couple of rules for our dance kids and that is to

1) No talking while the dance tutor is teaching

2) Aways put in 100% effort

3) Have FUN!
Because we are a modern dance school and value freedom of expression, you can choose to wear whatever dance clothing you like, in fact the brighter the better.Just as long as it is appropriate for the chosen class and does not restrict movement in any way.

I have a variety of TANSI PRODUCTIONS tops that you can purchase from me for $35.00. Due to the wooden floor any soft soled sports shoe will be fine for Hip hop and Glee Fusion.

We operate our studio with 4 x 8 week terms each year. This means fees are always the same from term to term. If a public holiday falls on your classes, we will fit in a ‘make up’ class each term to ensure our student body gains a full 8 week term.

Term 1 fees are due prior to first class. Terms 2, 3, and 4 fees are payable by the second week of each term.

Online banking is our preferred payment option, however you can pay by cash or cheque at your first class.

Your enrolment is only secured on payment of the term fees.

If for any reason you cannot complete the term, we do not offer refunds for classes, but we do offer a credit note for that student for the following term only.

Classes must have min of 6 students to commence and have a max capacity of 18 students in each class.

For enrolments contact Tansi on 027 224 3480 or use our online enrolment form